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4000 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.

Crisis Talks in 20 countries this weekend!

Latest news on Crisis Talks taking place across the globe this weekend


End Water Poverty member organizations will be holding public hearings in local communities, and with government ministers, where ordinary people can speak out about the effect of the sanitation crisis on their lives.

What’s the Crisis?

Very painful stomach cramps, missing school from illness, deaths from diarrhoea, continual lack of energy, and very undermining and undignified living conditions are some of the day-to-day realities caused by the global sanitation crisis. Despite a huge need for action – nearly one in three people globally do not have a clean place to go to the toilet – sanitation is not high on the political agenda. At current rates of progress, the Millennium Development Goals on sanitation won’t be met for over 200 years.

‘Crisis Talks’ are taking place in 20 countries this weekend using the the occasion of World Toilet Day to bring attention to the sanitation crisis, and demand that governments take a lead on solving this crisis. In Asia a shocking two-thirds of people do not have basic sanitation, and in Africa diarrhoea is the biggest killer of children.

Action in 20 countries!

In Mali, four days of events are being held in the lead up to World Toilet Day whilst in the UK constituents are already holding personal meetings with their MPs. In Liberia, public hearings are taking place in three counties and in Malawi, Talks are being held in the heart of the slums. In DRC, public events are being held in Kinshasa and Bukavu and in Nepal, there are campaigns for public toilets and to improve the conditions of sanitary workers. Further ‘Crisis Talks’ are being held in Holland, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameroon, Burundi, and Bangladesh. Take a look at our map for more information! 

Global Fast Track

Crisis Talks are being held starting from World Toilet Day and leading up to a major international meeting on Water and Sanitation to be held by Finance and Development Ministers in Washington DC on April 20th 2012 – the Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting. 

This Meeting is the best opportunity yet to raise global political attention, agree to focus budget on the communities that need it most, and move sanitation into the global fast-track.

So good luck to all those organizing events, and if you would like to organize one in your country please get in touch: