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4000 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.

Archived news and events 2009


Queuing in India. Credit: David Taylor

Join the World's Longest Toilet Queue!  

4 December 2009
On World Water Day 2010 we invite you to join in with a global mobilisation to make a stand for sanitation and water. Read on to find out more.

Poor sanitation

Doctors urge sanitation investment to avert global health crisis 

19 Nov 2009
Medical professionals unite to demand Europe keeps its promises to the poor on World Toilet Day.

Lesotho scene

ANEW in the Kingdom in the Sky 

13 October 2009
General Assembly of the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) in Lesotho takes place.

Human chain group

Human chain to demand action 

12 August 2009
Campaigners in Bangladesh join forces to raise awareness of the plight faced by millions across the country.


Inspiring change through the media 

11 August 2009
End Water Poverty member in Pakistan runs first stage of successful programme to sensitise the media on water and sanitation issues.

Zambian woman

Africa agreement hard to stomach 

10 July 2009
G8 food initiative undermined by failure on water and sanitation.

End Water Poverty reacts to G8

Aid surge to Iraq masks weak G8 action on water and sanitation 

9 July 2009
Increased aid for water and sanitation driven by politics not need. End Water Poverty reacts to announcements from the G8

Campaigner in Nepal

Nepal shines a light on water and sanitation 

6 July 2009
The End Water Poverty campaign is championed throughout Nepal with a fantastic combination of lobbying, public events and coalition building.

Steve Cockburn from End Water Poverty

G8 Blog from Italy 

3 July 2009
Find out the latest news on all things water and sanitation from this year's G8 in Italy from campaign co-ordinator Steve Cockburn 

Flash squat in London

One million actions to End Water Poverty 

2 July 2009
Campaigners from across the globe demand change in truly staggering numbers, applying pressure on world leaders from the ground up. 

EWP hand in

10 Downing Street flooded with petitions 

2 July 2009
An 80,000 strong petition was delivered today along with 'drinking water' collected from the Thames, just ahead of the G8 summit.

Indian campaigners 123

Indian campaigners deliver manifesto for change 

4 June 2009
Campaigners in India successfully acted to ensure commitments on delivering water and sanitation were prominent in elections being held in the world's largest democracy.

Nepal WWD 123

World Water Day 2009: From Istanbul to Kathmandu 

20 April 2009
From defending the right to water and sanitation at the World Water Forum in Istanbul to calling for water and sanitation as a constitutional right in Kathmandu, End Water Poverty members have been using World Water Day to make a splash.

UK campaigners take 'flash squat' to seat of power 

21 January 2009
Campaigners in London organised a mass 'flash squat' to mark the end of the International Year of Sanitation and call for greater action from the Government.
obama inauguration 2

President Obama: "Let clean waters flow"    

20 January 2009
New US President Barack Obama offered hope of a new partnership with poor nations in his inauguration speech.